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So, who am I really?

I’m not really sure how to categorize myself. I can do pretty much anything with the written word. I love creating new graphics with Canva as well but I feel especially at home with all types of writing, from marketing materials, fiction and poems that I write for fun. I love helping to develop new concepts and ideas, and seeing them develop over time. I’ve had long experience helping several altcoin projects, including New York Coin, Quebecoin and others. I have shared my writing skills with other projects such as Crypto Tron which is linked to my site above and PalmaBot which is an automated coin trading chat bot. So far, all of the projects I have participated in have been for the purpose of developing my skills and not for profit. I would love the opportunity to use my abilities to help your concept. Feel free to send me a message at the contact form shown above. In my spare time, I like watching movies, television, participating on Twitter (or other social media), and being with friends and family. I love connecting with new people and hearing what you have to say.

How do I hire you?

Contact me right here using the contact form or any of the social media linked to this website and tell me what your needs are and I can quote you a price.

I can offer competitive prices with discounts if you use crypto. I also have PayPal, CashApp and Fiverr as options depending what payment method you would prefer.

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What is SamiSocial?

SamiSocial is an experiment to see if it is possible for an ordinary person to build a social media site that could be used in the same ways as big-name corporate entities like Facebook and Twitter. Powered by the Ultimate Member plug-in for WordPress, I am building SamiSocial as a proof of concept and an experimental place to test and just have fun. If it becomes something, great. If not, I will learn at the very least what goes in to maintaining a community like that. Let’s have some fun and see what we can do.

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