I love you, Mom. I will miss you forever.

May 4, 1947-August 29, 2021.

My Views Are Illegal

My views are illegal
in most civilized countries
what does that say about civilization
when people believe freedom and justice
is a world controlled by undead corporations?

There is a they
if you say their name you go to jail
if you oppose them in any way
they’ll make sure you fail
suddenly you see everyone you thought you loved and trusted turn against you
the saddest true fact you’ll ever know is most people love the system more than you
if they have to choose you’ve already lost because nine times out of 10 they are not willing to pay the cost

Propaganda so strong most people figure the world is already lost
they don’t even try to oppose it or even impede it
let alone improve it
most people who try go through it and the truth is – even I don’t know why they do it

No one cares – some days it feels really useless
but then I think “that’s why they do this”
to make it feel so pointless to try
you just go along with the lies and try to block out all the innocent people’s suffering cries

I guess I keep on just so that one day someone will see that someone was fighting and trying to stop this
even if it’s just a guy like me
it may seem pointless now but maybe someone in the future will know
there was someone who tried
there was someone who held a lamp to the lies
there was someone who told you “never stop asking why”
there was someone who told you that your soul matters
even if they offer you endless resources
to do whatever you want
that all comes from somewhere
and you’ll have to pay the cost
make sure before you say yes
you know who’s making the offer
the most evil people claim to represent goodness until the very last moment
they’ll gaslight you, and sell you a dream until you sign your name
next thing you know, Satan appears and you’re covered in shame
it may not happen immediately, often times it happens years down the line
but eventually you figure it out
and you’re already out of time

My views are illegal
I have a cell waiting for me in a Gulag
somewhere I’m sure
all the judgmental bastards
that believe everything they hear and nothing they see
those are the people who will be blaming me
when their dream world collapses
into the sea

They call my views a danger
because I don’t worship pieces of paper
sometimes I feel like a failure
but other times I realize that’s the mind fuck
that paper keeps you stuck
not unlike a flypaper
as soon as you get some
you think “maybe I’ll do good things…later”
but by the time you get around to it
you’re bound to it
you’ve done so many evil things
there is no way to come around
back to the other side
sometimes I wonder
“is duality really a lie?”
“Is there really no reason to try?”

I guess the only reason for me now
is to tell the future generations
the reason why things are like this
the fact that we used to do different shit
and it wasn’t always this way
so every time they extol the March of progress
as a justification
there is always the choice
to go the opposite way
even if they call you evil
and they make your views illegal

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