I love you, Mom. I will miss you forever.

May 4, 1947-August 29, 2021.

Here's Why I Decided to Write My Own Blog

There are a lot of reasons why I finally decided to start my own blog. Have you ever noticed how much of our thoughts, time and energy are harnessed through the big name social media companies? There are millions of people that participate on them every day, including me. I decided that my thoughts are too important to allow them to be censored or deleted. 

Knowing that they also leverage and sell our data like a financial instrument is a worry also. With that in mind, I will use my blog as a way to express more of my thoughts without a filter. I really want to improve my writing and develop an authentic purpose for myself in a way that may be positive for someone, somewhere. There’s so much going on lately, and there is no time like the present to say what I have to say before it’s too late. I don’t like the thought that some twitter or Facebook algorithm will shadow ban me for not having the acceptable opinion. The worse this gets, our society will get.

I intend to also repost my poems and post some new ones when I get a chance. Maybe even some graphics as well. I don’t know, it really depends on whether the inspiration strikes me. But I have to say, it was not as hard as I thought to put together this website thanks to Elementor Pro. It looks really nice and it is not hard to use.

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