Poem 6/22/2020 “The Greatest Threat to Truth”

The greatest threat to truth is not the lie
it’s the desire for comfort
everything good comes with struggle
which is why the world is so desperate
to make things easy

If you could paint by numbers
would what you were showing have meaning?

If you only do what others did before you
are you really achieving?
There’s nothing better than dreaming
it’s like a different dimension
to your vision
but you could make it a reality
just by believing

That’s the idea that fills the system with fear
if we all believed it was possible
it would be here
the most dangerous lie
is “can’t win, don’t try”
freedom is the greatest high
but perpetual enslavement
is a dangerous drug
it’s a concept
fed by fantasy, nourished by delusion
promising everything
delivering nothing

apathy is worse than rage
the slow death of feeling
as you read the words across the page
and you read the words knowing
they mean nothing
compared to the suffering
if the promise was true
it still wouldn’t be right
if the system can afford to give you everything in life
that means that it could also take it away
in a single night
of painful grieving
wondering why you made the mistake
of not saying something
before it was too late

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