I love you, Mom. I will miss you forever.

May 4, 1947-August 29, 2021.

The more I realize it, the more it hurts me – the ideas of 20 years ago don’t cut it anymore. At some level everyone wishes that they could still pretend that they work. It would just be easier. But at the same time we can’t let the world be overtaken by the idea that we have to destroy everything that was here to build something new. Every time that is said, people inevitably lose things they used to be able to take for granted. Every revolution that is dreamed of to make things better ends up evolving into something worse.

We don’t need revolution. We need revelations. We need people to know what is going on so that they can act with truthful information and solve the problems our societies face. The sad fact is the social contract that they say we are responsible to was made based on false assumptions and false ideas which obscure our ability to live as humans and require us to give up our individuality in the service of the collective whole. I’ve never been more convinced that individuality is the only good part of being human and we cannot allow it to be destroyed by the ever strengthening demands of the collective. Humans cannot be allowed to become the Borg. I never want it to be so that we can’t just go out and live our lives. I never want it to be a possibility that the virtual world becomes the only world. How sad it will be when there are large swaths of the population that will be unemployable not just because there will not be jobs but also because someone did not like what they said at some point and therefore no one will be allowed to hire them. I never imagined that coming to pass in America, but it definitely seems more and more real every day. It should be shocking, but it’s as if our ability to be shocked has been so sapped by the steady worsening of our society. I don’t know what the future holds. I don’t really know what to say anymore. I am waiting for the other shoe to drop and when the economy is totally collapsed and broken.

When the austerity phase starts in earnest, we will see mass death beyond anything we’ve seen before. It may make the Great Depression look tiny in comparison. 2008 will be like a picnic. We already see the rapidly intensifying public rehabilitation of George W. Bush. We will see that fully completed once the austerity starts, because the progressive movement will say, “See? Even George W. Bush wouldn’t privatize Social Security.” Even though he tried to. 

We live in a world of totally scripted, WWE style politics that conveys no real meaning but maintains the aura of a sport for the middle class and upper middle management or what I see as the low-end upper class. None of it is real. It’s intended to provoke emotion and hijack it for the use of the powerful super elite. The best thing we can always do as normal people is refuse to play their game. Don’t watch the TV, don’t believe the news, look for the holes in the story and warn everyone you know. 

If you’re lucky, maybe one in five will heed that advice and the other for might reject you but at least we all tried. The mask situation is a perfect example of how complying with all these stupid stories and going along with them has again fucked us over. If you told someone five years ago that we would be forced to wear masks everywhere we go now even though it’s been repeatedly admitted by plenty of well-known, fact checked sources that the type of masks that are available do not do anything for the virus, they would’ve told you “That’s unconstitutional. Simply impossible.”

There needs to be protests against the media. There needs to be protests and cancellations of the people pushing this peer pressure. We need to make it clear that health and safety don’t actually have real legs to stand on when it comes to this issue. Most of all, anyone reading this should know that your family members that believe the TV and push this forward are not bad people but they are captives of this evil system and we’re not going to win fighting with them.

We have to push firmly in favor of real media reform. We have to forcibly break up all the major media conglomerates and promote new channels that can push for our points of view and promote real freedom of speech. We have to stand now as a society and say freedom of speech is worth more than anything you put forward including all the scare stories about everything you don’t like being “hate” and no matter how many people they may claim have died because of our points of view we have to make it clear that even if that were true (which it’s not) but even if it were freedom of speech is more valuable even than life and limb whether for ourselves or others, for good or ill.



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